#TableTennisUnited; A Morale Enhance for the Subsequent Era of Desk Tennis Gamers

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Since its launch in June 2020, the #TableTennisUnited Fund had supported over 118 initiatives globally. The initiative is the silver lining to the Covid-19 crisis, sending help to the worldwide table tennis community thanks to 57 donors and the support of the ITTF Group.

The #TableTennisUnited Fund ensures to secure training opportunity for all those who wants to play, to keep the morale high and the spirits up even during the pandemic. In less developed regions, it was a lifeline for the next generation of players who were left with no proper equipment or training during most of the pandemic.

Honduras Table Tennis Federation

Like all ITTF Member Associations, the Honduras Table Tennis Federation is dedicated to promoting table tennis across the nation but has faced severe challenges due to Covid-19. Training equipment for young players was scarce and the morale was running low. With the support of #TableTennisUnited Fund, U11 and U13 national team players have received new rackets that allow more efficiency in training with better results.

“It was amazing to see the smile on the faces of our young players as they felt the difference
of playing with a new blade and rubber that helps them improve their techniques,” explained Honduras National team coach.

In addition to the professional players, young talents across the country have also benefited from the #TableTennisUnited Fund.

“The support we received from #TableTennisUnited Fund also went to Honduran clubs such as La Esperanza, San Pedro Sula, Comayagua, and Tegucigalpa,” added Leonel Godoy, President of the Honduras Table Tennis Federation. “We are proud to be part of the table tennis family and to know that the ITTF Group would always have our back.”

Biratnagar TTC 

Located in Nepal, Biratnagar TTC promotes grassroots table tennis through its six table tennis clubs across the country. The club draws extra effort in seeding young female players, while trying to remain a stress outlet for players during the global pandemic.

Biratnagar TTC has lost its momentum briefly due to Covid-19 when all six clubs had to stop with the training session. With equipment sponsored by #TableTennisUnited Fund, the players are able to once again train in their beloved clubs.

“The support of #TableTennisUnited Fund was instrumental and just in time,” said Biken Thapa, a member of Biratnagar TTC. “A big thank you to the ITTF Group for helping us resume training here at the Biratnagar TTC, especially for our young table tennis enthusiasts.”

A table tennis table and equipment to promote the sport were also donated to the local Birat Deaf School, which hosts more than 200 students with hearing impairment.

You can contribute to the donation campaign #TableTennisUnited here.

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