Manchester United may drive Liverpool to attend for the sport to be postponed

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Liverpool could be forced to wait for their Premier League game against Manchester United at Old Trafford to be postponed.

Because of the fan protests against the club's property, the game was abandoned before the players had left their hotels.

The problem with rescheduling the game is United's schedule for the next few weeks.

Since the Red Devils are still competing in the Europa League, their potential slots by midweek are already filled with Roma and the final in Gdansk – the latter is shown.

The Premier League's biggest game was canceled this weekend after Manchester United fans stormed Old Trafford

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That means United will have two games a week until the end of the Premier League season, which is a rescheduling problem.

The first time slot could be tomorrow (May 3rd) – but that will take away one of the Mancs rest days before their semi-final second leg with the Roma and would have to be organized quickly.

Another option is between the last two league games of the season (May 21), but that would mean only one day of rest for both sides before the last week of the game.

Finally, the match could take place after the “end” of the season, but that's another problem as this season's finals are for fans for the first time since December.

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